"Allison is an excellent resource for us, applying practical tools in conjunction with legal conformity at all levels of our industry including that at the federal, state and local levels, pulling useful knowledge and policy out of raw data."

- Michelle Conad, Payroll/HR Specialist
Earth Basics

HR Services for Small Businesses in Southern California

Employing the Pratt & Associates Group as your HR Consulting firm makes them a part of your management team, providing cost effective HR solutions:

  • - HR compliance and best practices
  • - Hiring and background checks
  • - Terminations
  • - Training

Working with our Human Resource consulting firm allows your team to be free to do what you do best – RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS. Specifically, you receive the most current onboarding and offboarding forms and processes, best practice HR forms such as job applications, performance appraisals and performance improvement plans.

In addition, you are able to access HR Compliance Training such as state and federally compliant harassment and discrimination avoidance training, among other management and employee online courses for human resources.

Maintaining your HR Compliance

The team at the Pratt & Associates Group integrates with your business and assists in strategic HR decision making, providing additional input in implementing your goals, all while monitoring and maintaining your HR compliance with best industry practices.

HR compliance ensures you will not be taking unnecessary risk and reduces your chances of time consuming and costly employment litigation.

Leaving the HR support to us allows you to concentrate on what you do best – RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS.

Professional HR Services with a Personal Touch

Human Resources Consulting Services, Customized Training Programs, Investigations and Litigation Prevention–these are just some of the services the Pratt & Associates Group offers clients. Each client chooses which services fit their needs while the Pratt & Associates Group makes sure their HR practices are in compliance with California and Federal mandates.

HR Services

The Pratt & Associates Group – Your own HR department

The Pratt & Associates Group is very responsive to your needs. We operate as your own HR department, and even though we are not onsite, we are just a phone call, text, or email away, allowing you to resolve issues immediately as they arise.

Whether it's a quick question and a short call, or a planned Zoom meeting, or even a short call that turns into a longer meeting, we are here for your HR support needs.