HR Solutions for Southern California Businesses

For over 30 years the Pratt & Associates Group has been providing HR solutions for Southern California businesses, minimizing their risks while complying with CA and Federal mandates.

As a top level human resources consulting firm, the Pratt & Associates Group has helped clients with as few as four employees and as many as 8,000. Most clients are in the 100-500 range and they rely on the Pratt & Associates Group to minimize the risk of employment-related litigation and maximize their productivity.

Trusted, Valued, Respected Human Resources Professional

"Allison Pratt is our compass when it comes to navigating through the murky waters of employee relations and employment law. She is a trusted expert in the field of Human Resources; we depend on her for sound advice that aims to mitigate risk to our organization."

- Melissa Cowles, California Waters

Let's face it-hiring a full time Human Resources professional can be an expense not every business can afford but NO business can afford a costly lawsuit. the Pratt & Associates Group founder, Allison Pratt, has built a reputation on trust–just reading through her client testimonials illustrates why they continue to rely on her for responsive and reliable HR Services.

Professional HR Services with a Personal Touch

Human Resources Consulting Services, Customized Training Programs, Investigations and Litigation Prevention–these are just some of the services the Pratt & Associates Group offers clients. Each client chooses which services fit their needs while the Pratt & Associates Group makes sure their HR practices are in compliance with California and Federal mandates.

HR Consulting Firm
Choosing the Pratt & Associates Group as Your HR Consulting Firm means you will:
  • - Have a responsive "go to" expert for your real-time HR questions
  • - Incorporate sound and consistent employee practices
  • - Stay compliant with State and Federal regulations
  • - Reduce exposure to employee litigation
  • - Support your employees with documented policies and practices
  • - Attract and retain qualified employees